1. Javier Portilla & Wizard ft. Haptic – Wicked (Incl. Hannes Bieger and Heîk Remixes)
    Javier Portilla, Wizard ft. Haptic, Hannes Bieger, Heîk

  2. FREE DOWNLOAD - Sam Hopgood - Flow / Xpander (Anthony Pappa Mashup)

  3. Selador Showcase - The Sweet Sixteenth
    nick stoynoff, indieveed, jonathan cowan, dor danino, smash tv, darksidevinyl

  4. Robert Babicz - Red (James Harcourt Remix)

  5. Sam Hopgood - Flow / Undulation
    Sam Hopgood

  6. Made By Pete - The Forgotten Ones (incl. FKA Mash Remix)
    Made By Pete, Jinadu, FKA Mash

  7. Steve Parry - 303 V (Framewerk Remix)

  8. James Harcourt - Act of Resistance / Signals / Full Moon
    James Harcourt

  9. Magic Black Plastic Volume 3 feat. Just Her, Joyce Muniz, Luke Brancaccio, Gai Barone, Carlos Barbero, Andre Lodemann, Adam Ten, Dor Danino
    Just Her, Luke Brancaccio, Gai Barone, Carlos Barbero, Andre Lodemann, Adam Ten, Dor Danino

  10. Anthony Pappa & Jamie Stevens - Like a Satellite / Hold You Back (Incl. Luke Brancaccio & Gai Barone Remix)

  11. Carlos Barbero feat. Dom Fricot - Closer To Closure (Andre Lodemann Remix)
    Carlos Barbero, Dom Fricot, Andre Lodemann

  12. Just Her feat. Kieran Fowkes - On The Low (Joyce Muniz Remix)

  13. Carlos Barbero feat. Dom Fricot - Closer To Closure (Incl Yulia Niko Remix)
    Carlos Barbero feat. Dom Fricot

  14. Nunchi Coup - Slaves To The Algo-Rhythm / Coping Mechanism

  15. Magic Black Plastic Vol. Two feat Dave Seaman, Charles Webster, Steve Parry, Renato Cohen, Anthony Pappa, Jamie Stevens, Squire, Hannes Bieger
    dave seaman charles webster steve parry renato coh squire hannes bieger anthony pappa jamie stevens

  16. The Selador Showcase - The Phenomenal Fifteenth - Feat. Darksidevinyl, Sam Hopgood, Jamie Stevens, Michael & Levan, Stiven Rivic, Martin HERRS, blaktone

  17. Anthony Pappa - Selador Selected Works 2021 DJ Mix
    Anthony Pappa

  18. Just Her - Selected Selador Works
    Just Her

  19. Selador Reloads 4 Incl. Marc DePulse, Quivver, Christian Nielsen, Framewerk, Robert Babicz, Soul Button, Jaap Ligthart, Tom Peters, Several Definitions

  20. Selador Reloads Vol 1 Incl. Robert Babicz, Of Norway, Paul Rutherford, SEFF

  21. Selador Reloads Vol 2 Incl. Dave Seaman, Samul, Snilloc, Piemont, Dee Montero, Dimitri Nakov

  22. Selador Reloads Vol 3 Incl. Nicolas Masseyeff, Marc Marzenit, Cid Inc, Darin Epsilon, Robert Babicz, Jaap Ligthart, Alice Rose

  23. D-Nox & Beckers - Selected Selador Works
    D-Nox & Beckers

  24. The Selador Treasure Trove (Ninth Statement) feat. Andre Hommen, Doc Martin, Renato Cohen, Hernan Cattaneo, James Teej, Animal Trainer, Danny Howells

  25. The Selador Treasure Trove (Tenth Generation) feat. Rodriguez Jr., Murat Uncouglu, Hannes Bieger, D-Nox & Beckers, FKA Mash, &lez

  26. The Selador Treasure Trove (Eighth Ball) Incl. Audiojack, Victor Ruiz, Artche, Anii, AFFKT, Robert Babicz, Ruede Hagelstein

  27. The Selador Treasure Trove (Fifth Force) Incl. dubspeeka, Smash TV, Chymera, Martin Eyerer, Florian Kruse, Marc DePulse, Luke Brancaccio

  28. The Selador Treasure Trove (First Edition) Incl. Just Be, Dave Seaman, Shall Ocin, Piemont, Samu.l

  29. The Selador Treasure Trove (Fourth Crusade) Incl. Raxon, Cristoph, Jobe, Dave Seaman, Framewerk, Quivver, Animal Trainer

  30. The Selador Treasure Trove (Second Generation) feat. AFFKT, HearThuG, Arjun Vagale, Joal, Stelios Vassiloudis, Piemont

  31. The Selador Treasure Trove (Seventh Heaven) Feat. Frankey, D-Nox & Beckers, Roy Rosenfeld, Johannes Brecht, Raw District, JOBE

  32. The Selador Treasure Trove (Sixth Sense) Incl. Jobe, Quivver, Funk D'Void, Wally Lopez, Re.you, Mathias Schober, Charles Webster, Sascha Braemer, Tim Engelhardt

  33. The Selador Treasure Trove (Third Wave) Incl. Just Her, Cristoph, Dave Seaman, Tim Engelhardt, Robert Babicz, jozif, D-Nox & Becks, Alex Neri

  34. Robert Babicz - Space Funk (Timo Maas Remix) - SELADOR

  35. Just Her - Will We Ever Learn / Away From Here - exclusive Bandcamp edits
    Just Her

  36. EdOne - Selected Selador Works

  37. Quivver - Selected Selador Works

  38. Robert Babicz - Selected Selador Works
    Robert Babicz

  39. Stelios Vassiloudis - Gone to Heaven (a tribute to Phil K) - Exclusive Bandcamp Edit
    Stelios Vassiloudis

  40. Selador - Selected Works 2020 - includes exclusive bonus Anthony Pappa DJ Mix

  41. The 3D Remix EP feat Ian Pooley, Jimpster and Re.You Remixes
    3D Danny Howells / Darren Emerson / Dave Seaman) +++ Jimpster / Ian Pooley / re.you

  42. Dave Seaman - Selected Works 2013-2020
    Dave Seaman

  43. Steve Parry Selected Works 2013-2020
    Steve Parry

  44. Harvey Recommends.... Melodic Wonk Vol 1

  45. Harvey Recommends.... Techno Bangers Vol 1

  46. Harvey Recommends.... Vocal Delights Vol 1

  47. Harvey Recommends....Deep Business Vol 1


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Conceived by renowned DJs Dave Seaman and Steve Parry in 2013, Selador has carved out a reputation as a leading exponent of high grade house and techno and all flavours in-between.

We have released a diverse amount of music from a seriously talented ensemble of established names and exciting young talent.

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